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Splash — the flagship project of digital sports publishing house Tribuna Online: a platform for communication about sports in all its manifestations.

The average monthly audience of Splash exceeds 7 million users. We strive to deliver information and help communicate sports fans in all niches and on all technological platforms. Our goal is to give each user the most suitable content and services, for which we make extensive use of our analytical capabilities. We are traditionally widely represented in social networks, and our applications dominate the English-speaking mobile.

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Our editorial team cooperates with the best journalists of the country and creates the loudest materials about World sport. The social network «Tribune» unites more than a million users who discuss sports in their blogs, forums and statuses. Among the participants of the Tribune are well-known journalists, TV presenters, athletes and coaches, as well as representatives of sports clubs and niche sports publications. The statistical base of Splash is the most detailed in United States and Europe, which helps us to support a wide range of fantasy games based on real data.

We create the best advertising special projects in the field of sports, applying deep knowledge of the audience to solve the problems of our customers. More details about special projects, audience, possible advertising formats and conditions.

Our contacts, employees and vacancies. The latest news of the project.

Other products of Tribuna Online:

  • Thematic mobile applications on sports, teams and tournaments;
  • International football application of the second screen Scores & Video;
  • Site and applications Splash in United States and Europe.

Advertising on Splash

Splash provides ample opportunities for advertising on the site (display advertising, native advertising, video advertising), in mobile applications (display advertising, exclusive sponsorship), as well as the development of special projects for the strategic objectives of the brand.


Contact Information

Exclusive sales representative on the site Splash — advertising agency IMHO VI.
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To advertise, you can also contact the sales department of Splash:
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